Saturday, February 19, 2011

Opera cakes

Are delicious. I actually ate some of this cake- my guy said that it tastes like a Coffee Crisp, but in cake form. Paraphrasing from my theory class, Opera cakes were invented in France to celebrate a very important opera. To let everyone know that it is a real Opera cake, the word "Opera" must be written on it somewhere. Opera cakes have two kinds of ganache, and so much mocha buttercream! They're made with an almond sponge, and you brush the sponge with rum syrup. So that's three layers of sponge, with buttercream and ganache adding extra layers.
Even typing this out, I want a piece. This never happens!

Apologies for the terrible pictures- we were running around and cleaning up, so I hardly had a chance to take a good picture!

Music notes!

We had to cut half of our cake into 18 pieces- I think I cut my pieces really well! I'm usually really terrible- you could say that I have no eyeballing skills. And I'm pretty proud of my writing. I had such trouble with the Os and Ps, but they turned out alright!
The ganache glaze layer was really hard to work with- you have to get it on the cake immediately. The more you work with it, the more it sets and the worse it looks. The reason why is butter. Ganache generally does not have butter in it, but it makes it easier to cut and the glaze doesn't drip down the sides.
All this being said- I'm going to go and get myself a piece! Happy Saturday, everyone!

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