About Me

My boyfriend and I live in downtown Toronto, right by the lake.
I'm obsessed with travelling.
I love rainbows and sparkles. No, seriously.
I have a diploma in Baking and a bachelor's degree in Women's Studies.
I worked at an environmental organization for almost two years.
I love crafting; especially sewing, knitting and crochet. Anyone want to teach me how to make soap or jewellery?
I grew up in Saudi Arabia (15 years!!), and I still consider it my home.
My family took me all over the Middle East and to some parts of Europe when I was growing up. Turkey is my favorite country to visit.
I planted trees for a summer in Northern Ontario.
I went to boarding school in Ontario while my parents were living in Saudi Arabia.
I went to Jamaica on a volunteer project in high school- we taught crafts to 5th graders!
My best friends in the world are American, and I don't see them as much as I would like.
If given a chance, I will talk far too much about Cheers, Frasier, the Golden Girls, Seinfeld and Corner Gas (or whatever tv show I can't stop watching at the moment).
I can spend too much money on crafting supplies and sparkly things.
My favorite animals are elephants and tigers, oh my!