Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day BBQ

Every year, my aunt in Oakville puts on a Father's Day barbeque. It's always fun- filled with family, too much food, and beer! I brought some cookies and chocolate, and everyone devoured them. I love seeing people enjoy the things I make.

I didn't get a chance to take many pictures while at the barbeque, but I did manage to take some pictures as we were driving home.

Toronto's a great place to live, y'all.*

Underneath the Gardiner

Of course, the CN Tower.

Beer and a fancy hotel. What more is there?

New home!

*I feel like I can sort of say "y'all" because my best friend is from the South. Honorary rights?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

New store!

We just moved the entire chocolate room into the new store. It's GORGEOUS. I spent the first 10-15 minutes just staring, all starry eyed. The chocolate makers and bakers have their own rooms, and the walls are windows so that the customers can watch us work. The windows are huge!

One of my favorite things about both of the stores is that the "Staff only" door has a sign saying "Chocolate makers only" which makes me smile every day. I'm a chocolate maker!!

Most exciting part? This is my view!

I love all the lights

We're right beside a FANCY lighting store, apparently. The new location is in a very posh neighborhood- apparently there's a burger place that sells $100 burgers. But there's also a hostel right nearby? I'm not quite sure.

They've also got someone baking bread for us, and he gave me samples. Oh my stars- it was the best bread I've ever had! If only I could take all of it home :)

I'm really excited to get started in the new store! It's going to be great!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm obsessed with: Long breakfasts!

Let's start this off by saying: I love breakfast. I've always been an eating breakfast type of gal. I just can't function without it! I can get obsessed with things (which could explain why I can listen to the same song for hours), so I go through breakfast "phases". In high school, I ate Vector cereal far too much. Then, I ate Special K cereal (the kind with strawberries), with Belgian waffles on the weekend (I was in university on a student plan). I also ate granola fairly often during university. The next big obsession was cottage cheese with jam, on toast with butter (thanks, Opa!). When I got sick of it after a year or so, I felt lost. I managed by eating hardboiled eggs on toast, but who has the time to hardboil an egg every single morning? I didn't. I spent this entire school year only eating cooked lentils on toast. Honestly, so good. But now we're at this point in time, and I just can't bring myself to eat either of those delicious breakfasts anymore. I've been scraping by, eating cereal or toast with peanut butter and jam. I need a new obsession, stat!

Things on toast. For ever.

But for my weekends? You'll find me spending a long time cooking something delicious for myself. I love waking up early, and having the whole morning to cook breakfast, drink coffee and wake up.

This morning, I'm making myself some Toasted Coconut Breakfast Risotto. It's amazing! Okay, I won't even lie to you- I'm making it because I have some little odds and ends to eat before we start packing. But what an exciting way to use up all the different types of coconut that I have in my pantry!

What's your favorite breakfast?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

We found a place!

A new apartment! It's official!

After months of looking and researching (okay, Luke did most of that), we found a place! It's right on the waterfront, with a beautiful park. It's much bigger than our place now, and it has a dishwasher. And the kitchen is big enough for two people to be in it at once! I tell you, we're moving up.

We're also in the skyline!

The thing that totally sold me? Completely and totally sold me? A chandelier! And a mirrored wall, and a floor to ceiling window.

I can't wait to move in!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Billy Elliot!

Yesterday, my mom took me to the matinee showing of Billy Elliot! We had such a great time. Did I mention that the music was done by Elton John? And that the theatre had so many gorgeous chandeliers?

Love love love!
I barely remembered the movie- can you believe it came out over 10 years ago? And to be honest, I had forgotten that there was a political aspect to the story as well.

My favorite part of the production? When the dancing teacher wore a wonderful sparkly purple dress during an amazing dance number! Another great song was about individuality and it featured boys in tutus and big huge dresses dancing around. So many tutus- did I mention that I love those too? It was a great show to see with my mom!

And of course, Elton John. Yes.

We enjoyed the absolutely beautiful day by getting ice cream. I got mine with gummy bears and a sprinkle cone, just because!

She might look more excited, but in truth, I am.
How was your Sunday?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Things I love Thursday!

I have lots of things that I love this week- what a week it's been! I just got back from tabling at an event as a chocolate sampler giver. It was on the 40th floor of a fancy bank building in Toronto- my ears popped as I took the elevator up! It was lovely meeting so many people, and everyone was really enthusiastic about the chocolates. I love my job!
Yes. Elton John shoes. Yes yes yes.
-Enrobing chocolates at work
-Fancy parties in which I wear my Chef jacket
-Skirt weather! I wore my favorite skirt on Tuesday- yay!
-A package arriving from A Giraffe in a Scarf (rainbows, baking and elephants- does she know me or what?)
-Crocheting goodies
-Modern family episodes
-My birthday party! Great people showed up, and we danced the night away
-My sister visiting- she got a tour of my chocolate "laboratory"
-Les Miserables playing at work- and now I've picked up the book again
-Going to work early and enjoying the early morning sun
-Long walks before bedtime
-SUMMER! Need more be said?

What are you loving this week?