Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Art of Writing Letters

There's something to be said for the art of letter writing. I've always been a huge fan of it. I resisted for a long time when email was born. I wrote letters to my faraway friends: my neighbourhood friend that had moved to Malaysia, and my oldest friend in Calgary.

I went treeplanting one summer, and my only means of communication was letter writing. I think it added to the rustic experience of being out in the bush. It was always really exciting to hear that I had received a letter, and I looked so forward to writing them as well.

Having moved around so much, and with all my friends so scattered, I still write them letters. It's such a nice feeling to actually take the time, and write someone something. Something more than a status update on twitter, or a quick post on someone's Facebook wall.

I love sending little bits of surprises in my letters as well: fun stickers, rad pins, cute pictures, little crocheted flowers or hearts! I love adding that bit of extra care that comes with sending a letter. It's truly become an art, even if it isn't the primary means for communication any more.

I write my letters usually all at once, and about once every few months. I belong to Postcrossing as well, which is a network of postcard senders. You get assigned someone to send a postcard to, and you send it! And you receive postcards from others! From all over the world! It's an awesome glimpse into other people's lives.

Bonus points: Business cards as address labels!
I also love making my own envelopes and postcards! These babies were made out of a few maps from Montreal, when Luke and I took a trip there last year. I've also used old calendars as well, for both postcards and envelopes. I love using re-purposed materials for my crafts- it closes the cycle, because you're not just making stuff for the sake of making stuff.

For more awesome stationary inspiration, check out Marmalime's shop on etsy. I've bought several amazing things from her (ahem, luggage tags!!) and I just love what she's doing.

Do you write letters? Do you have a penpal?

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