Monday, March 5, 2012

To my twelve year old self

Have you ever wondered about what your twelve year old self would think of you now?

Twelve year old Thalia was a really cool chick: she didn't care what anyone else thought, and just did what she did. She wore her hair in little braids for months and wore the same pair of tie dyed shorts far too often. She went through a phase of wearing an outfit of the same colour each day. She was deeply self conscious, but not with her outfits. She played wallball at recess when everyone else played four square. She collected postcards. She created a cubby out of her clothes closet, and spent many afternoons memorizing songs by the Beatles and John Lennon. She was obsessed with tigers, and made a Tyger club (spelled the way William Blake spelled 'tiger') with her friends. She couldn't get enough of Archie Comics. Her favorite colour was orange, and she wore an orange shirt to school every Friday. She dismantled dollar store disco balls and made them into awesome frames. She hot glue-gunned things to other things. Her favorite store was a craft emporium. She made her first quilt in an after school club. She knitted. She was (and still is!!) attracted to all things shiny, bright and sparkly.

It's interesting looking back on your childhood and thinking about all of the things that make you you. Twelve year old me shaped who I am today, and I really appreciate her for it.

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