Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have a not so secret confession: I love brownies.

When I was a footloose and fancy free University student, I had a few friends that worked at the University's Women's Centre. I remember spending an entire spring afternoon (procrastinating, no doubt) going through their collection of zines. All of the ones I read were interesting, but only one sticks out in my memory, purely for it's bizarre and amazing topic. This happened at least three years ago, and I think it's kind of funny that I still remember it!

A guy took it upon himself to create an entire zine about brownies! What a great idea! He said that he made brownies for himself every day, which is quite an undertaking. His zine had tips on what a "perfect brownie" is, which is free of walnuts and chocolate chips. He added in a few recipes of his favorite brownies and some tips for making brownies. He also put in some pretty rad drawings! After a quick google search, I've found it! And I've definitely emailed them to ask if they can restock it.

I also remember that he had an email address listed, and I remember emailing him (even though the zine was made 5 years prior). He never responded. I'm still a bit sad about that.

I love brownies. They're delicious. When I want to eat what I bake, I usually want to eat brownies. In fact, I have a pan cooling on my stove AT THIS MOMENT.

And now they're on my rad spider plate!

I love sequins. I really really do!

Today I was feeling a bit low...or bored. I guess I couldn't decide. This recipe popped up on my twitter feed, and I got up right then and there and started baking! I decided to add a few extras, with some chopped up white chocolate and a Cadbury creme egg and they turned out great! I liked them, as I love all brownies, but these were a bit too "cakey" for me. Right after taking that picture, I promptly sat down and ate all three brownies. Delicious!

Do you have a favorite brownie recipe? Do you love brownies as much as I do?


  1. Oh lady, you have no idea how much I love brownie! I make it at least once a week for our house. I've made so many variations over the years, blondie with dark choc chips and brazil nuts was the latest. So good. Or I use white choc chips and cashews or macadamias, or peanut butter and dark chocolate, or put banana in the mix, hazelnuts or walnuts or anything I have on hand! I love that there's so many options! Here's one of my posts about brownie!

  2. my favorite brownies are dense & fudgey ones!

    i would never turn away a brownie w/ extra goodies in it (nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruit, etc). but when i want a BROWNIE... i prefer it be 100% pure dense fudgey brownie.

  3. Hi my sweet niece!

    Hehe, even spidey loves your brownies!!

    Love................ your ant.