Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unsellable cakes

Today, a dear friend called me to let me know he was in town. I rushed off to meet him for a quick supper, cake in tow.

After a quick catch-up, I told him all about my anxieties about baking school, and thoughts of what I want to do with my life. I showed him the cake I brought for him to take home. He leaned over to our table mates, and said, "My friend made this cake! Isn't it amazing?"
They all agreed, that it was pretty awesome. They asked me if I was going to school for baking, and what grade I got on the cake.

That made me feel pretty great. I think I needed to hear something like that after several classes in a row, looking over at my classmates' cakes and seeing how much better theirs looked than mine. After countless classes where I just seem to run out of time and my classmates have to help me finish all my duties. After worrying if my partner is sick of working with me because I just can't get it.

I'd show you a picture of this cake, but I was too embarrassed about it to take a picture. The icing had split due to the temperature in the classroom, and we just didn't have enough time to fix the icing and make it right. It was "unsellable", which was something I hadn't heard since the first few weeks of school.

That being said, my friend really knows how to cheer me up!
To leave this post, here's a happier photo of something I've made. And I'm proud of it!

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