Thursday, March 31, 2011


This week we played with chocolate. I think I've found my new obsession. As frustrating as it is (sometimes) to temper chocolate, what with all the stirring and the melting, I LOVE it. And I know that it will get less frustrating with more practice! I was so relaxed the entire week, which is great and almost never happens.

I loved it so much that on Monday, I happened into a kitchen store and went right for chocolate molds. Sadly, they didn't have any, so my search continues! Anyone know of a great place to buy some?

This week, we worked on Easter themed goodies. We were all required to make a bunny, an egg, and some filled chocolates. We also learned how to shock temper chocolate- you take melted chocolate and work it onto a VERY cold marble surface. My class used shock tempering to make little nests out of white chocolate.

I have learned a lot this week, and I hope to learn more about chocolate in the years to come! I am really excited about chocolate, if you can't tell :)

Here are some of the photos I took from class! Some had already been packaged up before I was able to take a picture, so here they are!

Chocolate bunny and a bee

Passionfruit ganache chocolates, cassis logs and almond diamonds

The cassis logs are AMAZING
What's your favorite kind of chocolate? Better yet, what's your favorite chocolate store?

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