Sunday, May 8, 2011

San Francisco

After a quick and sleepless trip in San Francisco, I'm back!

I had such a great time in San Francisco. Everything is at the top of a hill. Or at a pier. My friend and I walked everywhere- even to the Golden Gate bridge!

I took far too many pictures of far too many amazing things! My friend and I spent most of our time pausing to take pictures. Most of our walks took longer than anticipated, because there was always another cool view that needed documentation.

The most exciting part? Going to see all the chocolate that San Francisco had to offer! I bought myself a dark chocolate and bacon bar, much to the consternation of my travel buddies. We also stopped in at TCHO, which is a bean to bar factory that offered tours. Sadly, we missed a tour but we got to pose in front!

Mid jump!
San Francisco was gorgeous. I loved all the differently coloured buildings (you know me, I love colour) against the backdrop of spring sky.

  • Going to a garlic themed restaurant called The Stinking Rose and eating as much garlic as possible! Including garlic ice cream!
  • Spending two days just walking everywhere and exploring all the tourist things, and then having the rest of the time to relax
  • Seeing some plays in Union square put on by acting students/volunteers
  • Going to The Cheesecake Factory...twice. We first went for some Big Bang Theory street cred and then learned that it was delicious!
  • Our hostel, The Adelaide. Highly recommended!! Everyone that works there is really friendly, and there's a great big common area where we met tons of neat people from all over the world
  • Riding a cable car!
Here are a few of my favorite shots from the trip!

Palm trees <3

Thalia + pink building = happiness!

Sourdough starters... for sale. In pouches.

The crookedest street!

Warning: HILL

On our walk to the Golden Gate Bridge

I love succulents and always have to take pictures!

The Golden Gate Bridge!

What would a post be without a picture of cheesecake?  

I'm really glad I was able to take a week to explore this fantastic city. I fell in love, and I hope I return someday!

Have you travelled anywhere lately?

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