Monday, June 6, 2011

Billy Elliot!

Yesterday, my mom took me to the matinee showing of Billy Elliot! We had such a great time. Did I mention that the music was done by Elton John? And that the theatre had so many gorgeous chandeliers?

Love love love!
I barely remembered the movie- can you believe it came out over 10 years ago? And to be honest, I had forgotten that there was a political aspect to the story as well.

My favorite part of the production? When the dancing teacher wore a wonderful sparkly purple dress during an amazing dance number! Another great song was about individuality and it featured boys in tutus and big huge dresses dancing around. So many tutus- did I mention that I love those too? It was a great show to see with my mom!

And of course, Elton John. Yes.

We enjoyed the absolutely beautiful day by getting ice cream. I got mine with gummy bears and a sprinkle cone, just because!

She might look more excited, but in truth, I am.
How was your Sunday?

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