Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bread, delicious bread!

This past week, my class has been making bread type goodies in preparation for our exam. Which starts tomorrow- eeek!

Here's some pictures that I snapped! Also, I have no idea why I decided not to take a picture of my croissants. I would have taken one at home, but I ate them too quick!



Challah bread with various braiding
My freezer is well stocked with bread now, that's for sure!

We had made baguettes and challah bread in first semester, but they are going to be on our exam. So we made them again- which was great, because I need the practice!

Bagels and croissants were fascinating! Bagels are fun because you boil them in a bit of water first, then bake them! And croissants are amazingly delicious, with lots and lots of work. I think I might make them at home sometime- because they're just SO GOOD. We decorated them with cheese, chocolate and almonds (not all together). I should have bought more than eight, I'm just saying.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Wish me luck on my exam tomorrow! We're making vanilla sponge and dipping petit-fours glace into fondant!

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