Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chocolate tempering

My latest obsession is chocolate. And no, not just eating it (although that's pretty amazing too). My class spent all of last week working on chocolate bunnies and other Eastery goodies, and on Tuesday we learned more about chocolate in Theory class. To feed my obsession, I also checked out a book at the library, called Chocolate: A bittersweet saga of dark and light by Mort Rosenblum. It's got the entire history of chocolate, with really interesting anecdotes from the author meeting various people involved in chocolate. My favorite part so far is when he meets a woman who was incredibly obsessed with chocolate and became a chocolate taster for a well known brand. Apparently she eats a pound of chocolate a day, on top of what she has to taste!

I've been trying to learn all I can about chocolate. Which means watching lots of youtube videos about tempering and making chocolates! I'm also patiently waiting for a really awesome book from the library. I watched some really interesting videos, so I thought that I would share them with you!

William Curley Chocolatier: This clip is with William Curley, a chocolatier who made a video for Hospitality Media on how to make Rosemary and Olive Oil truffles- yum!

Tempering 101: This video made me laugh- these guys are too funny! It's with Chef Jeremy McLachlan from Salty's, a restaurant in Seattle.


Purdy's Chocolates- How to make truffles: This is a clip from Steven and Chris, the Canadian daytime talk show. Purdy's Chocolate Scientist (amazing title!) shows the audience how to make truffles. Watching this just gets me so excited about chocolate! Also, I kind of wish that I was in the audience so I could win a year's supply of chocolate.

And now for an Easter bunny picture update:

Last weekend, I took my Easter bunny to a family dinner. Everyone was so excited to eat it- which made me really happy. The whole thing was devoured!

And now, the best question: What's your favorite type of chocolate? I love dark chocolate- any kind!

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